Monday Blues, Rocky Roads

My first day back to work had been quite uneventful and yet somehow I managed to be exhausted by the time I got home. It is Monday though. True to the classic Monday blues, I don’t seem to be able to shake off the anticipation of a long marathon of a week ahead, and I just hope it’s not going to be all rocky roads along the way. But, hey, life still goes on and I know I still need to be prepared for any challenges that may get thrown at me anytime. So, instead of letting myself be submerged in a feeling of dread. I am going to tell myself to live in the moment. As Kylie Minogue sang once, ‘Into the blue. With nothing to lose.” I am now game.

To start off the week though, you always need a bit of sugar! I was taught how to make rocky roads by a friend in uni, and it had since become one of my favourite snacks to make. Sweet, crunchy, soft and tang. They are literally small blocks jam-packed with all sort of goodies, and they only take a few minutes to prep!

Classic Rocky Roads

Quantity: 1 tray


300g dark chocolate

100g digestive biscuits

100g mini marshmallows

50g sultanas

50g glace cherries


  1. Break chocolate into small chunks and place them in a large bowl.
  2. Melt chocolate using a double-boiler or a microwave.
  3. Break digestive biscuits into small pieces. Add them to the melted chocolate.
  4. Add marshmallows, sultanas and glace cherries into the mixture, and stir until well-mixed.
  5. Line a tray with baking paper. Spread the mixture evenly on the tray.
  6. Place the rocky road in the fridge for about 1 hour for the chocolate to set.
  7. When ready, cut the rocky road into even slices to serve.

This recipe is open to interpretation. You can replace sultanas and glace cherries with any dried fruits or nuts of your choosing. I found that dried mango and desiccated coconut also worked quite well for a tropical twist.

Wish you all rocky roads no more this week! (But you are allowed to eat rocky roads haha 😂)

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