Rolling in the Deep Fryer

Do you enjoy doughnuts? 🍩🍩🍩 I always love a good doughnut, especially ones topped with chocolates! 😋 It has been one of the bakes that I gave myself a goal to make, though I kept putting it off to avoid the messiness that could come with deep frying in my small apartment. (The nightmare scenario of hot oil spluttering all over my bed! 😰😰) Therefore, this time while I am staying at my family’s home, I decided to make full use of the kitchen here to make some doughnuts.😉 (Though my mum wasn’t particularly happy with the mess I created afterwards…😅😅)

For my first time making them, I felt I did a decent job.😁 I adapted a recipe from the allrecipes UK website (Link:, though I omitted the egg as I ran out of them in the kitchen and added a bit more water in place of it.😛 I made two kinds of doughnuts, one with chocolate and the other was lemon and blueberry. I did have a bit of issue with the dough being too wet and sticky, so was struggling with the shaping until I added more flour. When it came to the frying, I did a few doughnuts as testers to gauge how I should fry them and they seemed to come out better when fried with a lower heat. (No, I didn’t have a thermomter…) And I underestimated how big these doughnuts would expand as they cook, so they came out quite big. At least we were hungry lol! 😂

Have you made doughnuts before? Feel free to leave any thoughts or advices in the comments below! 😊

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