A Walk in the Fall

After quite an intense week, I really do feel I need a breather every now and then. Weather had been awful here in London ⛈⛈☔️, so curling under the cover at home have been the best policy in the past week. (Plus I don’t have much energy left to go outside… 😛) Thereby, I was lucky to catch a break last Sunday (both from the weather and work lol) and took a stroll around London in the soothing temperature of the fall.

One of my favourite things about living in this big city is that every time I took a new turn down the road, I always made new discoveries that continued to surprise me. This was very much the case when I decided (quite out of the blue) to take the tube to Vauxhall and stroll along the river from that direction. While aimlessly looking at the architecture (and taking random pictures lol 📸 ), I stumbled across Tate Britain and later passed by the Imperial War Museum by coincidences. I always really enjoyed visiting galleries and museums so it really was a bonus in my little adventure.

Beautiful painting inside Tate Britain ❤️
I don’t know what you think, but I quite like this painting! 😂😂
Look at those giant cannons!! (No puns intended lol 😜)
Do you take a walk around your city too?

Got to say I was starving by the time I finished walking lol! 😂

So many roads that still had never been walked upon before. So many new adventures ahead. Can’t wait for the next time already! 😄 Why don’t you have a little adventure in your area too? You never know what it lays ahead! 😉

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