Day 1 in Vienna: A Bumpy Ride

So excited to be going out of the UK in such a long time! 😆😆 In this half term break, my friends and I decided to visit Vienna – my very first time in the city! Obviously expect plenty of good food and crazy adventure haha! 🤣 After a slight delay and a bit of a bumpy take off from London (thank you Storm Dennis! 💨😐), we finally arrived at Vienna in the early evening and were greeted by a beautiful sunset 🌅 as we landed. (Wish I took a photo on the plane!)

Our first goal upon arrival was to check into the hotel in Rathaus. We decided to take the City Express from the airport and change to a different line in the Vienna U-Bahn.

Let’s go!

However, long story short, we basically did not realise that the City Airport Train only travel between the airport and Landstraße Wien Mitte station… (blaming on the poor guidance we got and the confusing mapping of the train lines 😵) So when we got to Landstraße Wien Mitte station, we stayed sitting on the train, and then ended up being taken back to the airport! 😖😖

Here we go again at the airport…!! ✈️✈️

Moreover, we wasted €12 on that train ticket… 💸💸 But rather spending more time taking the train and back, we decided to have a change of plan and take a taxi to the hotel. It was actually nicer in fact because I got to sit at the front and enjoy the nightview of Vienna.

Taxi!! 🚕 🚕 🚕
Almost there! 🌃

Despite a bit drained from our little detour, we headed out shortly to dinner in Wiener Rathauskeller which was just about two streets across from the hotel. The restaurant was pleasing in the inside, but the food was a bit of a let down. The fried blood sausage I had as a starter tasted okay (just like the British black pudding), whereas the roast beef was good with the rich gravy but served with fried onions that were too salty and bland roasted potatoes. 🤷‍♂️

Inside the restaurant
The beef and gravy was good, but unfortunately paired with salty fried onions and bland roasted potatoes…

We then decided to stroll around Rathauspark nearby which was dazzling with the beautiful festive lights – almost reminding me of Winter Wonderland back in London. ❄️❄️ (I was also envious of the people skating around lol ⛸⛸)

Felt like Christmas again! 🎄❄️💫
Wish I could ice skate… ⛸😯
This reminded of Christmas Market 🤗

Finally, we finally managed to end the day on a high note as we enjoyed some dessert in Café Landtmann. 😋 😋 We order the classic apple strudel 🍎, vanilla slice🥛and orange cheesecake 🍊, ensuring we will be having a sweet dream tonight. 😉

So many choices… 🤤🤤
Dessert table ❤️❤️

More to come tomorrow! This is only the beginning! 👌

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