Day 1 in Plymouth: Magnificent Coastline

This trip is especially exciting to me because this is the first time I will be staying in two different cities in consecutive days. πŸš‚ After a fairly short one hour train journey from Exeter this morning, I finally arrived in the city of Plymouth.

Arrival in Plymouth
Sundial at the city centre

The vibes of Plymouth were most definitely very different from Exeter. The place felt a lot more busier and commercial, but I was most looking forward to seeing the beautiful coastline by the hotel. It was still quite some time though before I was allowed to check in when I arrived, so I first made a short trip to the Plymouth Market in the city centre.

Sign of Plymouth Market
Scenes inside and around Plymouth Market

Visiting marketplaces always bring back some childhood memories when I used to follow my grandpa around in the wet markets in Hong Kong. Though the Plymouth Market was nothing like a wet Market, the snapshots of the stalls and the pedestrian bridge nearby brought back a nostalgic feeling. ❀️

Cornwall Street Fish Bar
Fish and Chips – the quintessential British food

I decided to drop by Cornwall Street Fish Bar for lunch after seeing its reviews online. It seemed very popular among the locals as many were visiting when I was there today. I really liked the crispy batter around the haddock- probably one of the better ones I had. Though, personally, I feel the mushy peas could do with a touch more seasoning. But what I will remember the most are the warm atmosphere and the sense of community here. ❀️

So after lunch, I decided to head straight to my hotel for a brief rest. It was still before my check in time, but I decided to try my luck as it was hard work carrying my suitcase around town. However, when I finally arrived at the hotel, I was surprised to find out the front door was locked! 😨 (Turned out the owner went out for some shopping, but thankfully they were able to get back as soon as I called. πŸ˜…) While waiting, I went ahead and took a stroll around the beautiful coastline. β˜€οΈ (And then again after I dropped my luggage in the hotel.) The view was absolutely breathtaking! 😍😍 (I honestly couldn’t get enough of it! ☺️)

Here is a thank you πŸ™ to the kind ice cream van lady who gave me piles of tissues after a seagull pooped on my shirt πŸ˜‚ (What is it with me and seagulls lately!?)

Lastly, to finish off a perfectly beautiful day by the sea, I decided to go to KUKU for a delicious Japanese dinner. πŸ˜‹ Absolutely loved the two appetisers of scallops and oyster! ❀️❀️ The beef was slightly overdone, but the teppanyaki vegetables had a nice grilled flavours to them. The sorbets were a great, refreshing way to finish the meal- I especially enjoyed the orange sorbet! 🍊

Seared Scallops
Tempura Oysters
Seared Diced Beef with Teppanyaki Vegetables
A Trio of Sorbets (From the left: Orange, Plum Wine and Pineapple)
And enjoyed an happy hour! πŸ˜‰πŸΈ

Now, I am sitting on the bed, looking forward to tomorrow with a full stomach and a slightly tipsy head! πŸ˜‚

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