It’s Home Time 🏠

Just a short post today – the first since I have been back at my family’s home in Scotland. In the past week, I have raided my mum’s kitchen a few times 😂 but I am more grateful that I can avoid doing dishwashing for a bit! 🤣

The weather is much cooler here in Edinburgh than in London. (That last week there before I hopped onto the train was getting unbearable! 🥵🔥🔥) As a result, I have been really enjoying my mum’s hearty home cooking. It was my turn to cook tonight, and I decided to make a filo quiche using the scraps left in my mum’s fridge (we had some already sliced carrots and onions from the previous nights, plus some unused bacons and courgettes). 😉

Homemade filo pastry – though my arms were tired after all the rolling I did 😪
A lovely golden brown colour 🥰
Time to eat! 😋

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