Life is Uncertain. Eat Dessert First.

For those of you who live in the UK like me (or elsewhere with similar situations), I wonder how life in the lockdown is going for you? It’s undoubtedly going to be a worrying time for many, but for me, I believe it’s important to still enjoy the small moments in life. Having not stepped out the house for most of the past days, my social communications with people have reduced to via social media, texts and emails. In a way, I feel very blessed to have the technology nowadays to support this network of communications (since I dread to think how a lockdown would have been like decades ago.) I frequently have texted my mum back home, kept up to date to how my friends are doing, and stayed in touch with work. These are definitely small things that keep me going and drive me to carry on with my daily life right now. It’s important to remember that there are people that rely on me as much as I rely on them.❤️

Whenever I feel down, dessert is a place I can turn to (and I believe this will also be the case for many!😁) As a famous quote once said, ‘Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first,’ let’s all make sure pudding is on the menu every day! While someone might call me out now for ‘encouraging’ unhealthy eating, the most essential thing is that you keep on doing things you enjoy (though just not outdoor. 😛)

Anyway, the dessert on my menu today is Japanese milk pudding – which the idea sprung to my mind when I discovered my unused carton of milk in the fridge. 😂 Traditionally, it’s made with the renowned Hokkaido milk from Japan. But obviously I have no access to that at home, so I just made do with ordinary milk.😛 It’s very simple to make. (See the YouTube video I used here👉 Credits to Peachy Bunny Bakes.) To make it a bit more elaborated, I chose to top mine with some strawberry jam, crushed digestive biscuits and tempered dark chocolate, but it’s just as delicious on its own! (And I am loving the wobble haha! ❤️)

All I Want For Christmas Is Kulfi!

So I heard it was Thanksgiving this week. 😊 (Just to clarify, being British, I am normally totally unaware of it! 😂) But I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you for those of you who keep on following me on my blog and allowing me to share many of my memories and love of baking and food here! ❤️ I started this blog as a ‘getaway’ from my daily life as I was at a point where I wasn’t sure where to go in life, feeling unhappy and stressed out at my job. I never knew if I will even get a single reader, but seeing the regular comments and likes here really do make me smile.☺️ In the past month or so, I am feeling much more relaxed and happy with what I am doing at work and outside of work, and I do feel I owe it partly to the community here to make me feel more confident about myself.

For those of you who read my last posts, you may remember that I went on a city getaway trip to Canterbury last weekend. That mango Kulfi I had in Ambrette there was just so delicious, I couldn’t resist the urge of trying to make it at home after finding a recipe online. 😋

The flavours of this Kulfi are mango and pistachio. (Here is the link to the recipe I used: The recipe is in cups, so I did have to look up conversions and it was still very easy to follow. I couldn’t be bothered buying saffron or cardamom so I ended up throwing in about a teaspoon of the mixed spice I had in it. 😂 It was still really delicious though! (And a perfect dessert after coming back from the cinema watching Frozen 2. ⛄️❄️) I got a large batch still left in my freezer to finish, so any volunteers are welcomed! 🤣

Hope you all have a good weekend ahead of you! 😉