Last Trip of the Summer: Back to Brighton

Going back to work this week really did make me realise I will be soon facing reality again and back to routines. So I decided to make use of the bank holiday weekend to do one last trip to Brighton before the end of summer, hoping for some nice sunshine! ☀️ The last time I visited Brighton was all the way back in October last year with my mum during the half term break (come to think of it that was before the last national lockdown- time really does fly!)

Vegetarian brunch at Iydea in The Lanes

On arrival it was all bright and sunny and I headed down to the hippy area of The Lanes, stumbling this vegetarian café for food. I ordered their mushroom and courgette lasagne and it tasted really good (I do enjoy having plant-based stuff 🌿🌿 every now and then, it just feels less heavy at times lol!)

While the sun was indeed out, the beach was generally still quite windy so it felt actually colder than it looked! 🥶 However, after checking into the hotel and having rested a little, I decided to head out to the beach for a mini picnic.

Brighton Pier
A very clumsy picnic… 🧺 😂

Afterwards, I journeyed along the beach (passing the naturist’s beach at one point haha! 😆) and reached the Brighton Marina Square.

A huge wind farm on the horizon
The white cliff from afar 😍
Brighton Marina Square
Scallop and crab linguine at an Italian restaurant there – tasted alright but some of the scallops were a touch overcooked

I also got to enjoy the beautiful sunset and the vibrant night lights of the Brighton seafront 🌅🌃 (making the most of staying in a hotel by the beach this time! 😂)

The soft shade of orange
The vibrant night view from the pier
So beautiful! ✨✨
Looks like Christmas night from afar!

The next day, I also paid a visit to the Royal Pavilion (which was doing renovations when I was here last time.) Also pleasantly surprised to find out that the normal ticket is all year around, so I can visit again and again for free! 😁

Royal Pavilion
The stunning Banqueting Room
These chandeliers are just gorgeous! 😍😍
Fantasying myself cooking in this kitchen haha! The dream!
The Saloon – reading how this room was restored was really impressive!
The Tomkison Piano
Absolutely in love with the Music Room! 🎵🎶🎵🎶 (My favourite one of them all!)
The King’s Library
A proper King’s bed!
Love the Asian touches around the entire place!
Beautiful stained glass ceiling
Queen Victoria’s bedroom
…and her toilet! 🚽🤣🤣

After the visit to the Royal Pavilion, I still had time to revisit the other side of the seafront and sit down for a seafood lunch at a restaurant by the i360 tower! 🤤🤤

Garlic butter scallops! My favourite! 😋
Skate Wing – trying it for the first time! 👍
Feel so zen staring out into the open sea…
🌊 🌊

Summer is finally over, but I know plenty of adventures are still out there! 🙂

Sunday Brunch, More Exploring, More Brunch!

My train today back to London was just after lunchtime, so I most definitely have more time to spend in Rochester. A Sunday brunch was obviously the first thing in my mind after waking up, so I checked out the hotel around 10am and headed to The Quills just right next door. I already love Eggs Benedict (that velvety Hollandaise sauce mmmm…❤️), but I really like how they paired it with the pulled pork. 🤤🤤 Great way to start the day! 👍

Afterwards, there are more sightseeing to be done as I headed to the Guildhall Museum down the road. (It’s so convenient in a small town ’cause everything is on the same street! 😂) Given it was a Sunday morning, it wasn’t that surprising that the place was eerily quiet (in fact, I was the only visitor lol) but that didn’t stop me from exploring inside. (Though at one point I got freaked out by my own reflection in the mirrored wall! 🤣)

Feeling like a kid again 😂
Eerie music in the background… 🎵🎶🎶
More exploring… 🔍🔍
Tiptoeing… 😬🤫

Next up, I headed to the beautiful piers (after unceremoniously trying to get inside the cathedral without noticing a Sunday worship was happening lol. ⛪ 😂 ) So blessed to still have the beautiful weather today though (albeit a bit windy haha!)

With still more time to kill, I decided to sit down in a café for a second brunch, but ended up running a bit late, taking the burger with me in a doggy bag to meet the bus to Strood…🏃‍♂️🚌 (There was no train running from Rochester because it was a Sunday, so we needed to get to the station in Strood. To be fair, it was so close I could have walked – the station was even closer than Jerk Café from yesterday night. Would have saved me from bolting out the café with the burger in my hand lol!)

Anyway, bon appetite!

Finished that on the train back home! 🚂 (Yeah, the bun was a little burnt, but it actually tasted quite good 😂)