Doctors, Pharmacies and a Bento Box

So I might have jinxed myself with my last post, since I have been nothing but a ‘busy bee’ 🐝 this past week with a funny cheek infection. Initially, I thought it was just a minor scratch who turned out to have worsened over the weekend. Walking into work on Monday, I was bombarded by questions about whether I had gotten into a fight or burnt myself, and with that I realised maybe I should seek some helps about it.

When I visited the pharmacy for some creams/ointments after work on Tuesday, I was a bit taken back to hear the pharmacist to tell me that it may be an infection and I should see a doctor about it. Now, as much as I appreciate the work of NHS in the UK, I can’t help but get annoyed at times. Since moving to London, making an appointment with GP have been quite literally a nightmare for me with their long waiting times. After I was told there won’t be a free appointment until after 2 weeks (and I struggle with the ‘walk in’ times as they are during work in the morning), I hung up with a huff. 😤

After speaking to NHS on 111, I was suggested to go into a ‘walk in’ centre for a appointment. However, after spending a good 20 minutes on the bus to get to the medical centre nearby, I was told they have reached maximum capacity for the day and was turned away! 🤦‍♂️ This left me having to take another 20 minutes of underground going back to the opposite direction to a hospital which also has walk in services. 😕 Thankfully it wasn’t much of a long wait and the doctor was very attentive and helpful (who also had someone who was training with him which was quite nice to see.) They both told me my cheek infection was nothing too serious, and with some ointment and antibiotics, it would heal very soon. 😊

I thought my day was finally over as I headed to the hospital pharmacy for my prescriptions. But it turned out it was closed by that point! 😭 With no other choices, I thought this wasn’t too bad and I could just head to a pharmacy nearby. Because it was 6pm, almost all pharmacies in the area nearby were closed so I stopped by King’s Cross Station on my way home, which had a pharmacy open until late. But adding salt to the wounds, I was told the prescription form they wrote for me was a specific one for the hospital pharmacy so it would be illegal for them to give me any prescriptions! 😫😡 (Literally felt like I wanted to bang my head against the wall by that point…)

So I ended up going back to the hospital the next day after work (I took an Uber too because my work place was quite a distance from the hospital and I didn’t finish work until after 4 when the pharmacy was going to be closed by half 5.) But at least now, I finally got my prescription and ate at a nice Japanese restaurant nearby. 😁😋 I found often bento boxes in Japanese restaurants in the UK consisted of either a selection of teriyaki chicken or salmon. I usually prefer the latter, but sometimes do get disappointed by the salmon being too overcooked. But this one was nicely cooked, and I really enjoyed the tempuras and the simple avocado sushi rolls.

Have you also had problems with health services before? Feel free to share in the comments below.

What You Need On a Sick Day

After waking up with a temperature and a runny nose this morning, I must say I didn’t have the best start to the day being bed-bound at home. 😷 Paracetamols and sleep quickly became my best friends. Have you ever felt though the more you sleep, the more groggy you get? (Not to mention the fact that I also need to constantly get up to clear my blocked nose! 🤧)

I finally woke up from my long nap as the rain started to fall outside. However, instead of staying in, I swiftly went for a shower to clear my head since I already made some dinner plans with friends for tonight before this week. I stepped outside, jacket on and umbrella ready in my hand.

Burrata, Smoked Salmon, Olive and Breads

The place we visited was Flour & Grape, not so far from the London Bridge station. (Though it was a bit of a walk, especially in the rain…) The restaurant specialises in fresh, homemade pasta and has a small menu for that reason, though it is definitely one place not to miss out by pasta lovers like me. (On a side note, this restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so come early if you can to avoid waiting in long queues.) My friends and I decided to share several pasta dishes from the menu. (Definitely a reason to have a big party when you visit this place haha!) It was literally like a fun pasta potluck! My favourites were definitely the pork shoulder tortellini and tiger prawn trottole thanks to the rich butter sauce and prawn bisque that were served with the pasta. Certainly was glad that my appetite wasn’t affected by the cold!

Pork Shoulder Tortellini, Truffle Taglierini, Beef Ragu Fettuccine, Tiger Prawn Trottole and Red Pepper Ricotta Mezzaluna

As my friends and I enjoyed the good food and chatting about all the things in our lives (work, family and men LOL…), I realised I didn’t feel so ill after all. I guess good food and friends are the best cure to any sickness you have! 😊 (We also went for coffees and have some of my homemade marshmallows after. More on that later!)

What is your favourite thing to do on a sick day?