Your Daily Bread

I would believe, for many of you, bread is a staple item in your house. Breakfast, lunch or dinner… you can do no wrong with a piece of bread with your meal. Sourdough, in particular, appears to be a popular choice as of late.

While I am not a massive fan of this artisan bread, I was intrigued by its unique preparation. For those of you unaware of this, sourdough requires a starter. Sourdough is not made with active or dry yeast and instead uses wild yeast. The sourdough starter is essentially a pre-ferment made from mainly flour and water, and a way to cultivate the wild yeast in the flour.

The recipe I used for the sourdough starter comes from BBC Food. (Link: The starter will take a few days to be ready, so do start early if you want fresh sourdough bread by the end of the week.

Once the starter is ready, you may make the sourdough bread. (Link: The remaining procedure is very similar to making regular breads otherwise. One of my colleagues is actually quite fond of sourdough himself and I recommended this recipe to him.

Now, I tend to like to dip my sourdough in garlic olive oil and salt before eating, or have it as an open sandwich. How do you like your sourdough bread? Let me know in the comments!

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