What I Need This Summer

I think I have been quite lucky escaping the heatwave by being in Edinburgh from the start of the month (since I don’t take heat very well 🥵😂.) We had it all this week with sunshine, clouds, rains and even a thunderstorm in the middle of the night! ⚡️ However, it is still summer after all, and I am sure to make full use of my mum’s freezer while staying here. (The freezer I have in my London apartment is nowhere near cold enough to freeze things properly.)

When one thinks of summer, ice cream is a must, so making homemade ice creams have become a bit of a habit of mine lately. But today, I also made my first attempt at making tuiles – which I was surprised how super easy they were to make! (This is the recipe I followed: https://chefiso.com/p/tuiles-recipe/) Not enough only were they perfect for my homemade rocky road ice cream, but they were also beautiful to look at! 😍😋

My Life is a Box of Sweetness

As the weather turns chilly this week and my works continue to pile on, baking really allows me to take a step back and relax from the stress. Having said that, despite working through the weekends in the past weeks, I felt like I am starting to enjoy my job again. Perhaps is a turning point for me? (But we shall wait and see about that lol.)

Yesterday, I baked some traybakes for Free Cakes for Kids Hackney (whilst also sneaked our for a nice Indian supper in between haha). It’s a charity I’ve been working with for a couple of months now, and honestly what’s better than sharing the joy of your bakes than with someone else? 🙂 (And to be fair, it just gives me an excuse to temporarily drop my work and do something else lol.)

For the traybakes, I decided to go with some rainbow rocky roads and white chocolate & raspberry blondies topped with crushed bananas crisps. I shared my rocky road recipe in a post before (Link here👉 https://tangosbaking.home.blog/2019/06/03/monday-blues-rocky-roads/), but this time I switched it up with some tri-coloured marshmallows. For the blondies, I used the recipe from this website👉 https://www.janespatisserie.com/2016/11/10/white-chocolate-raspberry-blondies/, but added 50g less caster sugar as I felt it was sweet enough with the white chocolate.

Why don’t you also give it a try this weekend? 😉 What would you like in your box of sweets? ❤️