My Mad Food Diary

After 3 long weeks in Texas, it’s time to go back home and lose the weight from all the food I ate! 😂 Here are some of the highlights though one thing I won’t miss is the heat! 🔥🔥

5th Aug- Starting off my summer in Texas with a citrusy rosé slush 😉🍹
5th Aug- Dinner at Chili Parlor: their signature chili and gumbo. This is one of my favourite spots from my last trip.
5th Aug- Ice Cream at Lick. Yep that’s the name! Had it like 5 times when I was staying at Mueller. 👅 👅 The Texas sheet cake and lime-coconut-tequila flavours were addictive!
6th Aug- Brunch at Colleen’s Kitchen. Finally I have tried fried green tomatoes! 😋
Biscuits and gravy with fried egg 🍳 The biscuits were the best I ever had- fluffy and light. ❤️ Got to say I have not been converted to the creamy American white gravy (just a bit too heavy for me), still preferred the traditional brown gravy.
6th Aug: After a hearty brunch, something light for change with a poke bowl.
6th Aug- Dinner at Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant. Absolutely bringing the heat here! 🔥🔥🔥
7th Aug- Sunday farmers’ market. Bubble tea is conquering the world now!
Pierogies 👍👍
7th Aug- Bao’d Up Asian comfort food
Not food 😂 but loved this cute mural
8th Aug- Back at Colleen’s Kitchen. Absolutely delicious shrimp and grits (with collard greens) 🤤🤤
8th Aug- Never seen these kind of aubergines before (or eggplants as they say in America 😛)
8th Aug- Late night treat at Amy’s Ice Cream
9th Aug- First time BBQing in the heat. Delicious lamb riblets from the farmers’ market with a coffee rub. Stuffed the eggplants yesterday with garlic.
10th Aug- A light breakfast with Chobani lime yoghurt. Getting ready for a feast later.
10th Aug- Pre-ordered Franklin BBQ feast. The most famous brisket in Austin and it was so tender it melts in your mouth. 🤤 We did the pre ordering to avoid the massive long queue in the heat, but you must order at least 5 lbs of meat (complimentary bread and pickles). For 2 persons, this lasted us a good few days eating leftovers. 😂
10th Aug- Ice cream is the best cure for the heat!
11th Aug- The Baked Bear. The signature Cookie Monster ice cream sandwich. 🍪🍪
13th Aug- Saturday farmers’ market. This chicken mole tamale is so good – I need to come back again! 😋😂
13th Aug- Happy Birthday Austin! This is a free birthday cupcake. Amazing colours 🌈 but the frosting was very bitter from all the colourings they added…
13th Aug- BBQ again. Lamb shoulder steak with garlic stuffed green peppers.
13th Aug- Relaxing evening in Mozart Café by Lake Austin. 🎵🎶🎵🎶
14th Aug- Brunch at Snooze. Perfect combo of crab cake egg Benedict with their signature Bloody Mary. 🤤🦀🍅
14th Aug- Dinner at 1618 Asian Fusion. Loved these duck skewers! Wish they were more!
Salmon curry and steak stir fry! ❤️
14th Aug- Someone was drunk in the Calum Scott’s concert and needed to grab a kimchi hot dog to soak up the alcohol. 😂🥴🌭
14th Aug- I blame the person who made drunk me grab a bakers’ dozen of these gigantic Voodoo Doughnut! They are bigger than my hands!! 😱😱😱 Oh the trauma…
15th Aug- Sip Pho. Very much needed something light after the doughnuts last night! 😂
15th Aug- Kimbap dinner before boarding the late bus to San Marcos.
15th Aug- Arrived at San Marcos at 10pm after an-hour delayed bus. 🚌 Grabbed a Sonic limonade slush.
16th Aug- First meal at San Marcos. Egg white frittata.
16th Aug- Dinner at Garcia’s. One of the best Mexican food I ever had! The brisket Noteña plate was absolutely! 🔥🔥 Simple but high quality.
17th Aug- Back at Austin with the grill. 🔥 Grilled salmon with garlic spaghetti for dinner.
17th Aug- Doing what I know best! 😂
18th Aug- Drinking bubble tea and sheltering from the sudden heavy rain. ☔️ (Didn’t know they rain in Texas! 😂)
18th Aug- Dirty Martin’s Place. Austin’s oldest burger since 1926!
19th Aug- Foodheads. Sirloin steak salad for lunch! 😋👍
19th Aug- Vic and Al’s. Blackened catfish salad, Cochon de Lait po’boy and liver Boudin – the delicious Cajun flavours 🔥🔥
20th Aug- Brunch at Arturo’s. Look at that Hollandaise sauce! 🤤
20th Aug- Told ya I will come back for the tamales! 😂 They ran out of chicken mole ones, but this spring vegetables (recommended by the still vendor) tasted even better! It’s light and fresh with the colourful vegetables inside!
20th Aug- Cisco’s. President LBJ’s favourite dining place.
The chicken fried steak is so delicious with the lightly fried courgettes! (Even minus the creamy gravy) My friend ordered their signature migas and I kept wanting to steal it because it was so good (perfectly silky scrambled eggs)! Maybe I do have the taste buds of a president! 🤔😂
21st Aug- Really wanted to eat migas after yesterday night but this one was nowhere near as good! ☹️
21st Aug- One final BBQ! Lamb leg steak, grilled garlic peppers and aubergines and my friend’s tomatillo salsa. I am going to miss the “lamb lady” (so I called) from the farmers’ market.
22nd Aug- Was worried I have eaten too much lately. 😂 So ordered a vegan breakfast plate- and I really enjoyed the scrambled tofu.
22nd Aug- Clay Pit Indian Restaurant. Exploring their cellar area. (This place is busy so always book in advance!) Just so happened there was a flash flood warning from the storm earlier, you could smell the dampness in there. 💦
Yummy calamari as our starter.
Chicken medallions korma curry and tandoori salmon. It was a bit of a long wait, but the waiter was so nice taking the drinks off the bill as a compensation. 😊
23rd Aug- Venezuelan arepas in the UT campus. Blending in well with the UT students! 😏👨‍🎓
23rd Aug- Dinner spot of the lone Ceviche7 food truck. Can’t wait to try the Peruvian food.
Was a long wait (probably like half an hour?) but it was worth it! Delicious ceviche with corns and sweet potatoes! 🤤 My friend’s steak and fries was also very good! I love food truck!
24th Aug- Junk good day at Whataburger. Still taking time to process the creamy gravy and the giant soft drink cup. 😝
24th Aug- Feeling creative. Tomato-less Spaghetti Bolognese with sweet curried mince and Granny Smith apple. 🍏 You got to try it to believe it! 😜
25th Aug- Vietnamese lunch before heading to the airport. ✈️

Toronto Day 1: A Fast-Paced Metropolitan 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

So finally it’s summer and my sabbatical has also officially begun! 😎 And this August, I have planned for a long trip away from the UK as I will be visiting both Canada 🇨🇦 and USA 🇺🇸 for the entire month, so let the adventure begins! 🏃‍♂️

Amazing scenery of Greenland as we flew over on the way to Canada ❄️❄️

Jetting off from Glasgow Airport in the early morning (spent a night over there after taking a bus from Edinburgh), the flight ✈️ lasted around 7.5 hours before landing in Toronto. Though I had been running very low on sleep 😴😪 since leaving home, but I managed to muster enough energy to head to downtown after checking into my hotel located near the Pearson airport.

Terminal changing train

From Terminal 1 Pearson airport. one may take the UP Express at the cost of just under CA$13 to Union Station in downtown (and they only offer one-way and no cheaper return option… 💸💸) I stayed near Terminal 3, but it was a very easy change to Terminal 1 using the free terminal changing train.

Union Station in Toronto Downtown

Toronto was a huge, busy metropolitan (in my opinion, rivals New York!) and a fast-paced city with an almost futuristic feel to it. I was a bit blown away by the intensity at first, but at the same time, it was totally unforgettable. 😊

What a metropolitan the city is! 🏙
Trio of tacos for lunch! 🌮 🌮 🌮
Loving the skyscrapers!
Busy busy busy!

After a brief lunch break, I headed to Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to board the ferry ⛴ heading to Toronto Island Park. The glorious sunny weather was perfect for a combo of sailing, park day and being by water! 😆☀️

Terminal entrance
Boarding the ferry
Amazing skyline of Toronto! 🏙 🏙
⛴ ⛴
Toronto Island Park
Pier sea view (not going to lie but there was an awful stench by the beach there!! 🤢)

I also visited the Franklin Children’s Garden – temporarily turning back into a kid again as I navigated around the bushes and joined in the scenes! There was something quite magical about it!

After boarding the ferry back to the main land of Toronto, there were forecasts of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms 😨 (and also just when I left my umbrella 🌂 in the hotel!) But, after some initial hesitance, I decided to take the risk and walk to Chinatown for dinner – praying I could make it back before the rain falls! 🏃‍♂️💨

Toronto Chinatown

Toronto Chinatown was certainly unlike any in the UK – the moment I entered the community I completely felt like I was back in Hong Kong/China and the nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. After some wandering around (it was so big and I was totally spoiled for choices), I managed to find an eatery that really resembled those I used to visit as a child in Hong Kong and ordered some old classic favourites. 😋

Squid fish balls and my favourite childhood drink- soya milk! Classic combo!
Bean paste mince noodles was one of my favourite comfort food as a kid! This one was so gigantic though that I had to take a doggy bag home 😂
Even the ticket brought back so much memories! 🥰🥰
Yakult bubble tea! 👌

And it turned out the weather forecast didn’t happen 😆😆, so I skipped down the streets of Toronto with my takeout bag and bubble tea in hands as I crashed into a deep sleep back in my hotel room! 😴 A long day was finally over!

A Long Hot Weekend ☀️🔥

For those of you in the south of England like me, you would know that we have been hit by a massive heatwave 🔥🔥 (red warning alert! 🚨) With Monday and Tuesday forecasted to be the hottest days ever, I am so glad that my workplace has decided to switch to remote working for the two days (like come on, we don’t even have air con!!), which means I also got a “sort of” 4-day long weekend as I head into my final week in London! 😉 My work colleagues have been so nice doing leaving-dos with me going bowling and meals for two days in a row, which means I only got some alone time until Sunday and I sure kept my day busy that day!

On Sunday, despite a massive broke down in the Central line, I managed to cross back to the other side of London via the overground visiting the Van Gogh exhibition I have been wanting to see for weeks. (Like literally it’s popping up every other day on my Instagram lol! 😂)

The signature sunflowers marking the the entrance
Van Gogh
The famous Starry Night at the top
Café Terrace at Night – always get a sense of nostalgia seeing this painting as we used to have one back in my old family home
And of course the Sunflowers! 🌻 🌻

I was so surprised when I learnt that Van Gogh has been heavily inspired by Japanese culture (a favourite of mine!) Moreover, it was so amazing to see many of his arts brought into 3–D form.

Wasn’t sure if it was a geisha or a mermaid lol😂
A 3-D replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom
Going back in time 🕰
Can you tell this is 3D?

I then also had a play around in the colouring room! 🎨 😂

Everyone is showcasing their skills here hehe!
How does my colouring skills look? 😂

And finally into the Immersive Room watching the show as the amazing arts are projected live in the giant room. Here are some of my favourite snapshots!

Swallowed by the big waves! 🌊 🌊
Such beautiful night sky! 😍✨✨
Ambushed by sunflowers haha! 😂

After the exhibition, I spent more time exploring the hipster neighbourhood of Shoreditch and the famous Brick Lane, and ended up eating lots of street food. (Was supposed to cut down a bit but I got so tempted! 😂)

Yay Shoreditch!
Wow! Curry fish balls from my childhood – and so nice to pump into some fellow Hong Kongers running a stall here! 😂 👍
Cheeeesy corn dog! 🧀 🧀 🧀

And after 5 years in London, I finally got around visiting to the famous Brick Lane Beigel Bake! Worth the wait though! (A massive chunk of salt beef covered with gherkins and mustard- what’s not to love? 😂)

Very busy inside the store – but the queue moved really quick thank goodness! (Wasn’t sure how long I could bear standing in the sun!)
The world famous salt beef bagel. Look at the size of the meat! 😂😂 (And now I am already craving to come back for another one!)

After a rather lazy day on Monday shading away from the heat, I eventually managed to brave the heat in the evening to see the new Minions movie! 🎥 🍿 Such a cute and whole movie, have you seen it yet?

A State of Unknown

In the past week, I have found myself reflecting a lot about the 6 years since I moved to London. I started postgraduate teacher training, and then went straight to teaching without really a clue about what I was doing. I had a lot of challenges and pain at the beginning, and almost wanted to quit, but somehow managed to stick with it (call me stubborn I guess). Just as I finally started to feel more at ease with my job, then the pandemic hit and the uncertainty with lockdown made me learnt not to take anything for granted. When society gradually reopened, post-lockdown chaos piled on like a ton of bricks, and new circumstances made me decided to go back to studying – and at last I am two weeks away from officially starting my sabbatical and facing a brave new unknown.

My last bake in my London apartment

I moved out of my flat yesterday and am staying at a hotel as I finish my last two weeks of work. Funny enough my last night in my apartment was instead mostly spent elsewhere as I was away at the annual BBQ with my colleagues (and marking my last bake with a fruit tart which I thought would go well with a summer BBQ! 🔥☀️) It’s probably our largest gathering yet with old and new faces all coming together, which I guess put into perspectives of all the people I have met throughout my five years here. You would think I should be feeling stressed about moving, but I wasn’t back home until late after midnight 😂 (and bizarrely ended going outside again to buy some grilled chicken 🍗 and chips 🍟 after finishing my final pack at 2am!)

Everything felt like a blur in the morning as I dragged my bags and luggages down the stairs and boarded the Uber, and then rushing back on the tube to drop my key off at the agency before it closes… (Bizarrely a carnival was held there and the reception lady went outside with her young son to the face painting booth and made me stood outside for half an hour! 😂 Though I grabbed a hot dog whilst waiting! 🌭)

The hotel room strangely reminds me of my first flat in London (TINY! 😂)

I wonder how these final two weeks will turn out? First thing foremost is to make sure I can get up for my hour-long journey to work tomorrow morning! 🏃‍♂️🚆 🌅

Jubilee Weekend

Made this cake a few days ago for a best friend’s BIG 3-0 birthday! 🥳🥳 Had so much that evening at the bowling alley, and now I am enjoying the glorious sunshine ☀️ at Folkestone for Jubilee weekend. Really don’t want to go back to work on Monday… 😪😅

The cake is a strawberry wine cake! 🍓🍓
Had a bit of fun writing those tags using edible pens on wafer paper
Love being by the sea! 🌊

Last Trip of the Summer: Back to Brighton

Going back to work this week really did make me realise I will be soon facing reality again and back to routines. So I decided to make use of the bank holiday weekend to do one last trip to Brighton before the end of summer, hoping for some nice sunshine! ☀️ The last time I visited Brighton was all the way back in October last year with my mum during the half term break (come to think of it that was before the last national lockdown- time really does fly!)

Vegetarian brunch at Iydea in The Lanes

On arrival it was all bright and sunny and I headed down to the hippy area of The Lanes, stumbling this vegetarian café for food. I ordered their mushroom and courgette lasagne and it tasted really good (I do enjoy having plant-based stuff 🌿🌿 every now and then, it just feels less heavy at times lol!)

While the sun was indeed out, the beach was generally still quite windy so it felt actually colder than it looked! 🥶 However, after checking into the hotel and having rested a little, I decided to head out to the beach for a mini picnic.

Brighton Pier
A very clumsy picnic… 🧺 😂

Afterwards, I journeyed along the beach (passing the naturist’s beach at one point haha! 😆) and reached the Brighton Marina Square.

A huge wind farm on the horizon
The white cliff from afar 😍
Brighton Marina Square
Scallop and crab linguine at an Italian restaurant there – tasted alright but some of the scallops were a touch overcooked

I also got to enjoy the beautiful sunset and the vibrant night lights of the Brighton seafront 🌅🌃 (making the most of staying in a hotel by the beach this time! 😂)

The soft shade of orange
The vibrant night view from the pier
So beautiful! ✨✨
Looks like Christmas night from afar!

The next day, I also paid a visit to the Royal Pavilion (which was doing renovations when I was here last time.) Also pleasantly surprised to find out that the normal ticket is all year around, so I can visit again and again for free! 😁

Royal Pavilion
The stunning Banqueting Room
These chandeliers are just gorgeous! 😍😍
Fantasying myself cooking in this kitchen haha! The dream!
The Saloon – reading how this room was restored was really impressive!
The Tomkison Piano
Absolutely in love with the Music Room! 🎵🎶🎵🎶 (My favourite one of them all!)
The King’s Library
A proper King’s bed!
Love the Asian touches around the entire place!
Beautiful stained glass ceiling
Queen Victoria’s bedroom
…and her toilet! 🚽🤣🤣

After the visit to the Royal Pavilion, I still had time to revisit the other side of the seafront and sit down for a seafood lunch at a restaurant by the i360 tower! 🤤🤤

Garlic butter scallops! My favourite! 😋
Skate Wing – trying it for the first time! 👍
Feel so zen staring out into the open sea…
🌊 🌊

Summer is finally over, but I know plenty of adventures are still out there! 🙂

Strawberry Love 🍓❤️🍓❤️

I just love love strawberry! Especially when it is in season in the summer and nothing can get better than a classic British strawberry and cream dessert! 😋

When I visited the Silver Darling in Aberdeen earlier in the week, I was very inspired by its strawberry tasting platter, so I decided to do my take on it last night. This strawberry dessert platter was composed of a strawberry & mint sorbet, eggless meringue (made from aquafaba), strawberry shortbread (coloured and filled with dried strawberries), strawberry jelly cubes, fresh strawberry coulis, whipped cream, and last but not least, a strawberry-mint vodka cocktail shot! 🍸😉

We might have gotten a little carried away on the alcohol! 😂

The Feeling of Being At Home

It’s been a few days since I have been back in Edinburgh – felt like I haven’t been in my family home for so long… but it’s so good to just sit down and be able to relax completely, thinking and worrying about nothing else in life right now! 😂

One of my favourite things to do whilst here (especially in the summer if you have been following my past posts 🤪) is to utilise the big freezer in my mum’s house to make some homemade ice cream. 🍨🍨 (The freezer at my London apartment is tiny and not really cold enough to freeze things.) And I decided to go full on restaurant-like this time 😛, also making a mango millefeuille with wholemeal filo pastry to accompany my mango ice cream! 🥭🥭🥭 (Who doesn’t love mangoes lol?)

Listen to the crunch! 🥰🥰

I don’t usually watch much sports, but for the past week I have been watching the Tokyo Olympics obsessively, staying up at night tuning into all the fixtures! (I am a big Olympics fan! 😝) So glad to see it back on our screen again after the delay from last year. The last Olympics game in Rio was when I moved in to my first flat in London 5 years ago, and it’s crazy to think how much has happened since then. I wonder where I will be when Paris 2024 happens? 🤔

Also all these actions in Japan has made me really wanted to revisit the country again and craving Japanese food lol! 🤤 So, last night I made one of my childhood favourites – Chawanmushi, which is a savoury steamed Japanese egg custard. It was a little messy, but I jam-packed it with a lot of fillings and flavours (because I am greedy with fillings haha! 😬) Even my mum likes it and she is normally VERY critical! 😂

Who else has also been enjoying the games like me? 😁

Day 3 & 4 in Reykjavik: The Land of Ice ❄️ and Fire 🔥

Nature in Iceland is definitely one to behold! It’s a shame my schedule didn’t allowed me to see more of it (which is why I intended to come back again in the future! 😂) But for my final days in the country, I was blessed to witness many beauties of nature within this short amount of time! 🥰🥰

Rainbow over the terrain by Blue Lagoon 🌈
Foot soak in Hljómskálagarður Park to kick off the day! 😂

My first stop after a brief morning soak in the park was Perlan Museum on the hill just by Reykjavik Airport. It was a tightly packed day as I needed to make sure I wouldn’t be late for my bus to the iconic Blue Lagoon at half one, so everything was a bit snapdash in the morning! 😂

Perlan Museum
Inside Perlan Museum
Nature video in the exhibition – beautiful scenes! 😍😍 (Definitely saving them for my revisit!)
Bird island replica
Interactive puffin camera video – it’s really fun!
Throwback to the whale watching yesterday 😂
Finally I see whales! 🐳🐋

The best part of the museum for me was definitely the ice cave! The temperature inside stood at -10 degrees Celsius 🥶, but it was a lot fun running around and exploring as if you are in a real frozen fantasy world! ❄️❄️

Into the unknown! ❄️❄️
I find the magical stone! 😉😂
Almost bumped my head! 😂 🧊🧊
Wow! 🤩🤩
This light is stunning!
Who will be the last one sitting on the ‘Ice Throne‘? 😏🤔😂 (*Cut to Game of Thrones music 🎵🎶🎶*)
Exploring the rest of the museum
An important message to us all!
Amazing Aurora planetarium show! ✨✨ (Unfortunately I can’t share it with you guys as we are forbidden from filming! 🎥❌)
View from the top of Perlan Museum- you can see Hallgrímskirkja from the distance
The mountainous view at the background 🏔
Reykjavik Airport below

After the museum visit, I had just over an hour to use before meeting my scheduled pickup at the bus station by Hallgrímskirkja (where I was staying just on the other side of the road.) So I headed to Kol Restaurant next door to my hotel as well as conveniently dropping off some stuff in my hotel room. 😛 The restaurant appeared to be a fusion Japanese place. They were doing a brunch sample menu but I felt like eating something lighter, so I ordered just the tuna tacos as well as the duck & waffle. The tuna tacos were delicious as the tuna tartare in the centre was perfectly seasoned and sandwiched between the crispy wonton skins. 😋 (Honestly I could have eaten another two!) On the other hand, I will say the duck & waffle was more average – seasoned well but I would have personally liked my waffle to be crispier.

Tuna crispy wonton tacos (left) and duck & waffle (right)

And now, for the main event of my trip- and this is the iconic Blue Lagoon! The place is extremely popular among tourists (honestly the place was packed!) For someone who loves bath like me, this place will be number one on any visiting list! 😁

I pre-booked my visit online before travelling to Iceland, including the tour bus to and from the spa. (Met a lovely American lady on the bus and chatted for some time!) If you don’t drive, there aren’t really much other alternatives from buses besides taking very expensive taxis. (The place is located around 45 minutes drive away from Reykjavik, though a fairly short 20 minutes drive from Keflavík airport.) I went for the cheapest Comfort ticket, costing 8990 ISK (about £56). The prices depend on the day. (I came on Saturday which I think it’s more expensive than weekdays.) The Comfort ticket covered a free drink and a silicon mask, and doesn’t include any bathrobe or sandals and you only get a towel in the end (that caused a lot of confusions with some people including me because we were all like how do we dry ourselves after the initial shower then!? 😂)

Entrance to Blue Lagoon (a big hit of sulphur smell as you near the place! 🤭)
Beautiful hot spring 😍😍
The main area of Blue Lagoon 🔥🔥

The rule is that you must shower (without swimwear) and clean before entering the lagoon. Past the changing rooms, there are cafes and other services which you can paid with the band they provide on entry then finishing any payment when you exit. And to put it quite simply, this place is just heaven to visit with the comfort and the amazing views it provide! 🥰🥰 (I stayed there for a good 4 hours! 😂 Just make sure you stay hydrated/not overheated and don’t miss your return bus!)

Relaxation time 😌😌
Very busy in here though!
Hidden cave
Heaven right here!
The blue lagoon and the blue sky
Grabbing my free drink 😉🥤

Returning to Reykjavik, I finished the day with a dinner of local Icelandic delicacies in Fjallkonan. I have always been bold enough to try different things (being raised in a Chinese household, we pretty much eat everything haha! 😚) hence I went for their signature Icelandic platter. That whale meat was definitely my favourite of the three – it’s like a really soft steak topped with a delicious sauce and purée! 😂

The Icelandic platter: Minke whale with malt glaze (top left), puffin with crowberry gel (bottom left) and lamb tartar (right)
Ice cream again by Rainbow Road 😂 (Lemon 🍋 & coconut 🥥 flavour- Yum! 😋)

On the rainy morning before my return flight, I decided to head to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja tower, gazing down to the colourful city from above. (It was just before Sunday service as well, so there were a lot of people coming inside the church and the place was super busy.)

Colourful view from the top of Hallgrímskirkja! 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣
(You can see my hotel at the bottom!)
Other side of the tower
And more! Super windy up there! 🥶

And after checking out the hotel, it was my last Icelandic meal (for the time being) in Apótek restaurant. Talk about saving the best ’til last though! Both dishes were outstanding- I dare to say that beef carpaccio is a 10/10! 🤤 💯 The lamb rump steak was also super tender and perfect with the delicious sauces! 🧡🧡 (Definitely worth a revisit in the future!)

Beef carpaccio with mushroom duxelle, Parmesan chips and foie gras
Lamb rump steak with carrot purée, carrots, cauliflower, spring onion and black garlic sauce

And now it’s finally time to fly home (popping to Edinburgh to see my mum there for the summer!) ✈️ And I bid a rather tentative farewell to Iceland (for the time being!) ☺️

SIDE STORY: That journey in Keflavík Airport to the Edinburgh flight ended up as an absolute mad dash! 🏃🏻🏃🏻 After arriving a bit later than I intended in the airport (missed my first transit bus… 😓), all was good with checking in (after all the COVID-related checks and I was sure I will be on time) but the security check proved to be my undoing. It was so packed full of people, I had to ask to be moved to the priority queue when I realised there were 10 minutes left until gate closing. (Even then it was still moving way too slow… 😖) Hearing the announcement that the gate was closing after I just passed security, I sprinted and leapt through the airport and passport control (it was one of the furthest gate away too! 🙀🙀) and made it just in time! (Didn’t even have time to put my iPad and laptops back into my bag and was carrying them all in my hands! 🤣) One good thing that came out of it is maybe I have burnt a couple of calories from all the food I ate! 😝

But I also just want to say how nice and helpful all the people in Iceland were ☺️, especially the drivers who alway let me cross the road! (I never get that in London lol! 😂) Can’t wait for when I come back to visit again! 👋