My Mad Food Diary

After 3 long weeks in Texas, it’s time to go back home and lose the weight from all the food I ate! 😂 Here are some of the highlights though one thing I won’t miss is the heat! 🔥🔥

5th Aug- Starting off my summer in Texas with a citrusy rosé slush 😉🍹
5th Aug- Dinner at Chili Parlor: their signature chili and gumbo. This is one of my favourite spots from my last trip.
5th Aug- Ice Cream at Lick. Yep that’s the name! Had it like 5 times when I was staying at Mueller. 👅 👅 The Texas sheet cake and lime-coconut-tequila flavours were addictive!
6th Aug- Brunch at Colleen’s Kitchen. Finally I have tried fried green tomatoes! 😋
Biscuits and gravy with fried egg 🍳 The biscuits were the best I ever had- fluffy and light. ❤️ Got to say I have not been converted to the creamy American white gravy (just a bit too heavy for me), still preferred the traditional brown gravy.
6th Aug: After a hearty brunch, something light for change with a poke bowl.
6th Aug- Dinner at Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant. Absolutely bringing the heat here! 🔥🔥🔥
7th Aug- Sunday farmers’ market. Bubble tea is conquering the world now!
Pierogies 👍👍
7th Aug- Bao’d Up Asian comfort food
Not food 😂 but loved this cute mural
8th Aug- Back at Colleen’s Kitchen. Absolutely delicious shrimp and grits (with collard greens) 🤤🤤
8th Aug- Never seen these kind of aubergines before (or eggplants as they say in America 😛)
8th Aug- Late night treat at Amy’s Ice Cream
9th Aug- First time BBQing in the heat. Delicious lamb riblets from the farmers’ market with a coffee rub. Stuffed the eggplants yesterday with garlic.
10th Aug- A light breakfast with Chobani lime yoghurt. Getting ready for a feast later.
10th Aug- Pre-ordered Franklin BBQ feast. The most famous brisket in Austin and it was so tender it melts in your mouth. 🤤 We did the pre ordering to avoid the massive long queue in the heat, but you must order at least 5 lbs of meat (complimentary bread and pickles). For 2 persons, this lasted us a good few days eating leftovers. 😂
10th Aug- Ice cream is the best cure for the heat!
11th Aug- The Baked Bear. The signature Cookie Monster ice cream sandwich. 🍪🍪
13th Aug- Saturday farmers’ market. This chicken mole tamale is so good – I need to come back again! 😋😂
13th Aug- Happy Birthday Austin! This is a free birthday cupcake. Amazing colours 🌈 but the frosting was very bitter from all the colourings they added…
13th Aug- BBQ again. Lamb shoulder steak with garlic stuffed green peppers.
13th Aug- Relaxing evening in Mozart Café by Lake Austin. 🎵🎶🎵🎶
14th Aug- Brunch at Snooze. Perfect combo of crab cake egg Benedict with their signature Bloody Mary. 🤤🦀🍅
14th Aug- Dinner at 1618 Asian Fusion. Loved these duck skewers! Wish they were more!
Salmon curry and steak stir fry! ❤️
14th Aug- Someone was drunk in the Calum Scott’s concert and needed to grab a kimchi hot dog to soak up the alcohol. 😂🥴🌭
14th Aug- I blame the person who made drunk me grab a bakers’ dozen of these gigantic Voodoo Doughnut! They are bigger than my hands!! 😱😱😱 Oh the trauma…
15th Aug- Sip Pho. Very much needed something light after the doughnuts last night! 😂
15th Aug- Kimbap dinner before boarding the late bus to San Marcos.
15th Aug- Arrived at San Marcos at 10pm after an-hour delayed bus. 🚌 Grabbed a Sonic limonade slush.
16th Aug- First meal at San Marcos. Egg white frittata.
16th Aug- Dinner at Garcia’s. One of the best Mexican food I ever had! The brisket Noteña plate was absolutely! 🔥🔥 Simple but high quality.
17th Aug- Back at Austin with the grill. 🔥 Grilled salmon with garlic spaghetti for dinner.
17th Aug- Doing what I know best! 😂
18th Aug- Drinking bubble tea and sheltering from the sudden heavy rain. ☔️ (Didn’t know they rain in Texas! 😂)
18th Aug- Dirty Martin’s Place. Austin’s oldest burger since 1926!
19th Aug- Foodheads. Sirloin steak salad for lunch! 😋👍
19th Aug- Vic and Al’s. Blackened catfish salad, Cochon de Lait po’boy and liver Boudin – the delicious Cajun flavours 🔥🔥
20th Aug- Brunch at Arturo’s. Look at that Hollandaise sauce! 🤤
20th Aug- Told ya I will come back for the tamales! 😂 They ran out of chicken mole ones, but this spring vegetables (recommended by the still vendor) tasted even better! It’s light and fresh with the colourful vegetables inside!
20th Aug- Cisco’s. President LBJ’s favourite dining place.
The chicken fried steak is so delicious with the lightly fried courgettes! (Even minus the creamy gravy) My friend ordered their signature migas and I kept wanting to steal it because it was so good (perfectly silky scrambled eggs)! Maybe I do have the taste buds of a president! 🤔😂
21st Aug- Really wanted to eat migas after yesterday night but this one was nowhere near as good! ☹️
21st Aug- One final BBQ! Lamb leg steak, grilled garlic peppers and aubergines and my friend’s tomatillo salsa. I am going to miss the “lamb lady” (so I called) from the farmers’ market.
22nd Aug- Was worried I have eaten too much lately. 😂 So ordered a vegan breakfast plate- and I really enjoyed the scrambled tofu.
22nd Aug- Clay Pit Indian Restaurant. Exploring their cellar area. (This place is busy so always book in advance!) Just so happened there was a flash flood warning from the storm earlier, you could smell the dampness in there. 💦
Yummy calamari as our starter.
Chicken medallions korma curry and tandoori salmon. It was a bit of a long wait, but the waiter was so nice taking the drinks off the bill as a compensation. 😊
23rd Aug- Venezuelan arepas in the UT campus. Blending in well with the UT students! 😏👨‍🎓
23rd Aug- Dinner spot of the lone Ceviche7 food truck. Can’t wait to try the Peruvian food.
Was a long wait (probably like half an hour?) but it was worth it! Delicious ceviche with corns and sweet potatoes! 🤤 My friend’s steak and fries was also very good! I love food truck!
24th Aug- Junk good day at Whataburger. Still taking time to process the creamy gravy and the giant soft drink cup. 😝
24th Aug- Feeling creative. Tomato-less Spaghetti Bolognese with sweet curried mince and Granny Smith apple. 🍏 You got to try it to believe it! 😜
25th Aug- Vietnamese lunch before heading to the airport. ✈️

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