Small Is Powerful

It’s half way through the week. Are you flying through it or crawling your way towards the weekend? Either way it is always important to take time away to relax and treat yourself. Truth to form, I like to do that in the presence of good food.

This evening I visited El Molino, a Spanish restaurant, along Holloway Road in North London. As a foodie, I am always quite greedy in wanting to try everything that intrigued me on the menu, but at the same time am also conscious of how much I may end up eating. This is why I enjoy the inclusion of tapas, since the small plates offer a wide selection of choices without overstuffing you after.

My first tapas was Pinchos de Pollo, a crispy breaded chicken and vegetable skewer topped with gooey cheese.

The second tapas was one of my person favourites here: Pulpo A La Gallega, a boiled Galician octopus served with paprika and potatoes.

The last tapas I ordered was an old Spanish classic: Chorizo al Vino, a sizzling plate of spicy Spanish sausages cooked in red wine.

Who says small isn’t just as powerful in flavours? πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Small Is Powerful

      1. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚ Yes, it’s a puff pastry cut into little square with toppings. (I made my own puff pastry but you can use readymade ones too.) One is an English Breakfast (egg, sausage and bacon) and the other one is a teriyaki chicken with cucumber topped with cheese.

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