Day 3 in Vienna: Climb Every Mountain ⛰

For the penultimate day of our stay in Vienna, we decided to head to the neighbouring city of Salzburg – the location of ‘The Sound of Music’! 🎵🎶🎶 (Already can’t stop humming the tune! 😂) In order for us to get to Salzburg, we were up early and ready to aim for our train at 9:42. 🌅 (But not before I made my own waffle for breakfast first! ❤️)

Waffle for Breakfast! 😋
First time I made my own waffle too, believe it or not! 😂

The return train ticket from Vienna to Salzburg costed just under €60 – a very reasonable price! And after we grabbed some snacks and drinks from the shop, it was all aboard and off we go! 🚈 The train journey to Salzburg lasted around 2 hours and 20 minutes – which gives me more than enough time to play games on my phone 📱 and nap 😴 in between haha! 😂

Catching the train
Glimpses of the Alps as we are approaching Salzburg

Upon arrival in Salzburg, we went immediately to the information centre to get a Salzburg card (costed €26) which allowed entry to all the major attractions here and also covering costs of buses – honestly if you want to spend a day sightseeing here you should definitely get one! 👍 👍

The Salzburg Card

Our first stop of the day was the Untersberg cable car that travels to the top of the Alps. 🚠 Despite the rainy weather, the mountain views were still breathtaking to behold! ❤️❤️ (Rather than let me waffle in words, I will let the pictures and videos do the talking haha! 😉)

The Alps
Breathtaking! ❤️
Starting the cable car… 🚠
View from above
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! ❄️❄️
Complete whiteness at the top! 😮

The poor weather today meant that the top of the Alps was covered by a raging blizzard. 🌨🌨 (Such bad luck! 😫 I only noticed on Instagram after that, on a normal day, the view is really spectacular. Such a shame…😕) The lady in the information office informed us that one can spend up to three hours there, but we didn’t even last more than 3 minutes outside! 😂

Blizzard attack! ❄️❄️
Let’s hurry back! 😂🏃‍♂️

After briefly trying to brave the storm, we went back inside and sat down in the restaurant to warm ourselves back up.🔥🔥 I thought the cold weather was perfect for a bowl of hot soup 🥣, and ordered Leberknödelsuppe – a beef broth served with a liver dumpling (which reminded me a bit of haggis!)

Leberknödelsuppe – doesn’t look that appetising, but it actually tasted great! 😋

After coming back down from the mountains, the awful weather continued 🌧🌧. However, we made the most of our day in Salzburg, visiting the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg Cathedral, Mozart’s Birthplace and Mirabell Gardens.

Hohensalzburg Fortress
View of Salzburg from the fortress ❤️❤️ (Yes, it looks brighter than it should because I edited it! 😂)
It’s snowing! ⛄️❄️
Exploring the inside of the fortress 🔍
The outside of Salzburg Cathedral
Inside Salzburg Cathedral 🤫🤫
The beautiful ceiling in cathedral
Mozart’s Birthplace (no photography or videoing allowed inside unfortunately)
The entrance of Mirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens
The beautiful view by the river 🌊🌊

The teatime treat though was the thing I was looking forward to the most today. We visited Sacher Hotels (not the original one in Vienna but its branch) and tasted their world-famous Sachertorte. 😋😋 The 34-steps recipe of the Sachertorte is apparently a top guarded secret and kept in a safe for security! 😬 And the cake certainly did not disappoint as it was perfectly moist with a rich chocolate taste balanced with a slight tartness from the apricot jam. ❤️❤️ We also ordered two other desserts, including the classic Viennese apple strudel which was wonderfully flaky, which paired well with the light custard sauce. But the highlight for me was the pear mousse 🍐. It was light and slightly tangy with the sharpness of the pear coming through. Plus, I love the beautiful pear crisp it was served with on top. 😍💚

The signature Sachertorte
Viennese apple strudel served with cream sauce
Pear Mousse Cup with a beautiful pear crisp! 💚💚

After a rather long train journey back to Vienna, we headed straight back to the hotel for a quick break before finally going out for our last dinner in Vienna to conclude a jam-packed day… but the journey is not over! 😉

Beef roulade with polenta and Brussels sprouts

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