One Day

A year ago exactly today, I started my first blog post here. It feels much longer than that though, given how so much have happened in between these times. I am certain that no-one a year ago would have predicted the circumstances we are currently in right now. I started this blog as a mean of an ‘escape’ from life (as I was feeling extremely demotivated at work). I wasn’t sure where this was going, but it gave me a sense of hope in the future, something that I feel we need ever more now. As easing of the lockdown starts to begin, I feel a mixture of uncertainty and anxiety (and also annoyance at the events over the past few days), but I remain ever so hopeful about the unknown. Goods are definitely on the horizon. ♥️

My first post on the blog was on an angel food cake that I made long ago, and I thought it would be so fitting to do that cake once again after all these times. 😊 An angel food cake is a light, fatless sponge made from primarily whisked egg whites. The lightness of this cake goes perfectly well with whipped cream and fruits (I chose mango in this case🥭)- which makes this one of my favourite cakes of all time. 😋 (As fate would have it, I also overwhipped my first batch of cream like last time, so had to start over. Funny how things are sometimes! 😂) Happy anniversary! 🥳🤣🎉

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